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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
Brake Master Cylinder mounting by marlinpeter, on Flickr

Whilst the brake master cylinder clears the engine OK, one of the ports is directly opposite the rocker cover. Even with the tightest bend, the pipe still wouldn't fit even if I carved a slot in the cover. The solution I came up with is to use a banjo fitting.

Brake M/C to Servo lines by marlinpeter, on Flickr

Having decided to use a banjo fitting but I found the price of separate fittings so high that I decided to go for some complete custom flexible lines from HEL. The banjo fitting fitted just fine but an unforeseen issue is that the other end doesn't fit my Iruna brake servo slave cylinder.

Brake M/C to Servo lines by marlinpeter, on Flickr

Despite remembering to order 3/8" UNF to match the Iruna servo the HEL fitting doesn't tighten before the threads bind at the bottom of the hole. I think the issue is that the HEL fitting is threaded right to the end whereas some fittings have an unthreaded section just before the flared end of the pipe.

Brake M/C to Servo lines by marlinpeter, on Flickr

To solve this issue I've made up this short adapter but its not a very eloquent solution and not very mechanically strong. (By now I was wishing I bought separate fittings and ran the lines in Knufer pipe.)

Brake M/C to Servo lines by marlinpeter, on Flickr

The other idea I've had is to try and carefully file away the last two threads but I'm not sure I can do this without damaging the fitting.

Any other suggestions welcome!

cheers, Peter
I think as a first thing to try I would ask HEL what they suggest. You never know they might remake with a different fitting for free! It would be good PR for them :-)

Cheers Robin
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