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Thanks for this suggestion however that isn't going to work.
I really need to put it on wheels with entire weight of a car to make up my mind. If I go this route I need to reshape wheel arches so cardboard it's not going to cut it.
On the other note...the only update is that I bought nice woodwrim steering wheel on fleebay sign by Tony Brooks some racing pedigree at last.
QUOTE=kon;105999] fair point. I wasnt thinking massive difference though.. more like 15s on the front with 195/45/15 tyres, and 14s on the rear with 205/60/14 tyres, so it's almost level, or just a slight forward rake still.

how about a cheap alternative to trial it... draw or print them out onto cardboard, and mess around with jackstands to get the height to look like you want from the side?[/QUOTE]
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