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Spoke to the machine shop again yesterday evening and they confirmed that the M54 block is still in spec so can just be honed. I've stripped the M54 head down and sent it in for them to skim and clean up so it looks like it will be an M54B30 build for the sportster. I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping to do something a bit more unique but not at over a 1000 just on machining and pistons. With the cost of the other parts such as bearings, rings and gaskets I'd be looking at over 1500 for a stop gap engine. If I was restoring a classic then it would be worth it to keep the originality but for a kit car, nope. If I spend that much money it will be on a much more interesting engine project.

I'm getting them to modify the head to accept an M50 style thermostat so I can still run at a lower temp and there will be some other mods to accept the coolant temp sensor for the gauge (unless I can get the megasquirt to provide it instead).

Other than that I'll invest the modding effort into a custom intake manifold potentially incorporating a set of S54 ITBs. Need to practice my ali TIG welding first though.
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