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Originally Posted by mcramsay View Post
Just chuck an s50b32 m3 lump in!!
......... try and find a reasonable one for less than 1,500! Not a cheap option.

Ian wanted the fun of building a frankenstein stroker: but an M54B30 is not so bad - that's what I am planning, except I want to keep mine as standard as possible, running the DISA manifold and MS43 ECU.

Ian be careful with your manifold plans............... ITBs are good for top end revs, but the M54B30 has a well known harmonics problem with continued high revs destroying the oil pump/sprocket/nut.

If its an interim engine, why not stick with the DISA and make use of the incredible low down grunt? Much better suited to a daily driver - I'll bet it will be quicker as a road car!

If you want a track animal then why not go for an S54 - it's probably just as cheap as an S50, easier to find, and a better engine.
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