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Thatís awesome.

I was thinking about that actually, I bet you look a giant in
One of those, lol.
5ft 10 Myself, quite heavily built through weight training/strongman around 17st, Iíll have to see if Clive from D.c
Will allow Me to have seat inside if itís there.
and hopefully Iíll fit. lol.
Iíve seen your mates Diablo replica on you tube,
Them quad turbos are crazy lol.
Havenít a clue to what that engine would cost if I were to go for
The same option.
But definitely, I think that would be the way to go.
Do you know if his was built in house via D.c supercsrs,
Did they sought the bmw engine,
Or did he seek a specialist to do that.
Might be worth making a note of the company if
You could let Me know,
Never have enouph contacts.
I have a mate who works on v12ís but good to have another contact in just in case.
Any info on that would be appreciated
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