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Originally Posted by 306craig View Post
.Was thinking of basically cutting them out, fibreglass matt across the back (probably with a few bits of steel / ally in there for strength) then chopped strand from the front.
Craig - You shouldn't need to add anything for strength if you 'overlap' the fibreglass on the inside.

One option would be to:
- Fix a 'former' to the sunny side of the bonnet where you've cut the vents out.
- Add fibreglass matting from the inside of the bonnet, over the former and across to the rest of the bonnet.
- When that has set remove the former and you will be left with a messy join on the sunny side.
- Grind this down and cut back the outside edges of the bonnet where you made the cut into a "V".
- Then fill in the gap with overlapping layers of fibreglass matting.
- Then do the normal round of filling and priming on the sunny side.

The key is the strength in the join comes from the rear, not the front.

I hope that makes sense, if not, I can add some photos from my own build if it helps.

If you weren't based in Belfast, I'd have offered to drive round and show the butchery I committed to my own bonnet.

Good luck, Paul.
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