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Jag - At least it wasn't a really hot/sunny day, or there would have been a swam of bugs in the paint.

My plan is to keep the yellow masking tape in place until the final round of yellow paint goes on.

I know the yellow nose band will have a few straight edges/angles in it, but I can live with that.

Gary - It is funny just how good seeing the yellow paint go on made me feel.

I know it is just a little touch, but is does confirm I am really on the home stretch of this build now.

Plus, it was a good excuse to look at lots of great photos from Goodwood.

Moulleur - Cheers.

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Still Chipping Away:
One of those days where I was only going to get a short while on the car, but every hour helps.

For those who like photos of the sky above, this is what the clouds were doing.

So I just uncovered the rear end of the car.

And focused my attention to the area around the rear humps.

Thankfully, all of the 'white' spots in the photo are just reflections.

Although the sanding did reveal one paint chip near the petrol cap hole.

The good news is that doesn't need a coat of primer, just a drop of BRG.

By the time the first spots of rain arrived, the area was still a work in progress, but was definitely smoother.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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