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I'm definitely going to strengthen the lower wishbones. This is actually the second time one has snapped (in exactly the same place). The first was when I was rebuilding the car (engine swap) and I was pushing the bushes out by hand, levering the wishbones against the floor admittedly, but it snapped clean through. Not sure if I just have bad luck with them but I can't think how my setup could be causing this failure!

I also need to mod them while I'm at it: the on-board pick up points mean I have hardly any droop in the suspension at all before the wishbone collides with the bottom chassis rail. The maximum I can jack the car up is to about 110mm at the rear - the suspension travel is then all in compression. I made sure I altered the dampers to the correct length (so the wishbone doesn't actually collide with the frame).

Good to give it an inspection though.

Cheers, George
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