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Default Tribute Automotive Owners Club

Tribute Automotive Owners Club

To Join : Read below and them email me your details :

It is a very simple club. There is no joining fee and you get nothing for joining other than a membership number. If we need some money we will send an email to all members explaining what we need the money for, how much we want and ask you to paypal gift the money to us (cash, cheques and bank transfers can probably also be dealt with).

The plan is to keep the club simple, un-cliqued, fun and easy. There will be 2-3 TAOC events that will be exclusive to members, associate members, their friends and anyone else we decide might be fun to have there. The rest of the time people will just say which events they are planning on going to so other members can meet up. If other stuff develops then we will play it by ear.

I will be keeping a register of members and the cars. If you want to join then please fill in as many details as possible below. The first row is my details so you have an idea of what is meant. Your details won't be shared with other organisations without your permission.

Real Name Nick Clark
Phone 7921092834
Phone 2
AKA WorldClassAccident
Location Southampton
Interesting Fact My name was earned, not chosen

Model Z300S Barchetta
Donor BMW Z3 2.8 Auto
Builder Tribute (If you built it from the kit put your name here instead)
Current State Complete (Choose from : Desired, Ordered,Received, In Progress, Complete, Crashed/Dead)
Date of Update Jan 2014
Original Owner Nick Clark
Owned From June 2013
Owned To Forever
Current Owner Nick Clark
Owned From June 2013
Owned To Forever

If you email me your details then you will become a member. If your car is not completed yet don't worry you will be a 'pending member' until it is on the road. If you don't own a Tribute (Chris!?) but still want to join the gang you can still apply as an associate member. Please add a statement saying why you should be included, the more amusing the more likely you are to be accepted
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