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AGM May 2014 - Forgot to hold it but rough ramblings detailed below.

Membership Fee - No-one objected to a membershiop fee but we couldn't think of what to spend the money on. The conclusion was that for the moment there is no membership fee and you will be charged only for the events that you attend. The charge for the event will cover the cost of the event plus a little surplus to put in the kitty for the future.

Regular Events - The Tribute annual BBQ will now become a club event although non-club members may attend if they have the deposit money with them ;-). Stoneleigh will become a regular event. Other events like Castle Coombe or a possible trip to Beaulieu will count as Ad Hoc events and be organised by who ever is going and can be bothered.

Next Event - The Annual BBQ which will be held over the weekend of July 12/13th 2014 either on the Saturday or Sunday which will be decided nearer the day. We might hold another AGM as it will probably be easier to get all people together and I might remember

Club Roles and Responsibilities - I remember someone volunteering to be secretary but can't remember who. This will get sorted out at the BBQ along with any other roles people want to take on will be allocated.

I think that is everything that was discussed and set the bar for club organisation for the future
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