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Hi Steve
Thanks for the welcome. Is the Shelsey T2 from memory 5exi esque in appearance? Or memory fail me?
My kit car past included a Mini Marcos (should have kept), a Gia Deltoid (should have kept, now in Holland), a Tripos R81 (should have kept, now in Italy) and an Excallibur ( glad it went).
Armed with such good advice and clear expertise I hope to get the little darling hopping along, with the 1600 fizzing away behind my head. I have a dyno sheet of 119 bhp, which considering the 1.4 K series puts out 105bh, but for the foreseeable future ( if I have one, current geometry willing) the 1.6 will do!
I also have the 206 halo black lights, but the plastic lense looks berry crazed and would not pass an Mot methinks!
She needs a good clean and servic. The hood is good and the inflatable roof brace is there, with a carry bag. Alloys show slight oxidation and might plastic dip matt black to temp hide as it peels off when a refurbished is due!
Great exhaust note, not too loud but was intrusive with roof on. She has a stereo Cd player but no idea if ironworks or where the speakers could be?! I may replace with some jap digi gauges I have.
I noticed the wishbones were chromed and shocks looked rusty too, so adjustment may be delayed till WD40 kicks in!
Well I hope to peer into the clamshells tomorrow and discover what Iv bought and post a pic or two if the forum allows.
Many thanks
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