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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post

I already had a set of Triumph to 4x100 adaptors on the shelf and the 4x100 to 5x205 adaptors were 25 each from Limebug. The adaptors widen the wheelbase by a total of 100mm, which is around 40mm less than splined adaptors for MGB wheels did on my Spyder. I'd already replaced the spindly Triumph wheel studs with Land Rover Freelander ones - they're a straight swap - so I've no concerns over the adaptors failing in use as the LR studs are made to cope with a vehicle four times the weight of my Speedster.
If I've read that right , you've bolted adaptors to adaptors ...I'd be wary of that ...I'd want to make the two adaptors one unit by welding together or something ...that's a lot of bolted parts between wheel and hub to come loose ...... Just my opinion ion of course but I would be happier with one larger adaptor than two separate ...
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