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Originally Posted by lumpy View Post
I cannot explain just how ingenious this idea is, something reliable, head turning and exciting to look at.
Dan and myself always like to make all Tribute Automotive designed kits as simple (and ingenious!) to build as possible to help customers get on the road and enjoying their cars as soon as possible. (See Ian's Z300S build as an example: )

The idea of the Kobra all started with the Z300S. By the time we had put the final panels on WCA's Z3, last October, we had purchased a Cobra shell before going to the final Exeter Kit Show, which is where we first meet Richard. Workload unfortunately didn't allow us to start on our idea until January this year, had we done it sooner I am sure we would be well into the 30's of kits sold by now, but 11 since May isn't bad though!

Great to see your build has begun, please keep us updated. I am sure that Richard will do a cracking job of putting it together for you.

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