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Default Sidelight wedge bulb fix?

Has anyone got any tips oh the wedge style bulb holders? Mine continually fail, you need to remove the bulb, fiddle around until it works and then put it back together. Chances are that by the time you have put it back it won't be working again.
They are the standard push-in bulb holders that come with the Lucas P700 headlights. The bulb contacts combined with cheap and nasty bulb holders are a recipe for disaster. On the Tribute they are quite easy to get too but on theCalifornia, you have to remove the headlight bezels and the perspex covers first, it is only a matter of time before I crack a cover.

Does anyone know of any quality replacements that will work? The bulb holder needs to be the flexible rubber type that just pushes into the rear of the headlight glass.
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