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Well it looks like you've mastered how to do pictures!
For info (as far as my knowledge goes) there are only small differences between the Marina 1.8 and MG 1.8 engines (dependant on age the Marina one may be more powerful than an older MGB one for instance). IIRC the crank on MGB was forged, but not on Marina. There may be some cam differences...... Just in case anyone tries it DON'T fit a 'fast' or 'high lift' cam to one of these as you'll kill the torque and (as they aren't meant to be a high revving engine) never exploit the extra power at high revs. Someone was bitterly disappointed years ago when his kit car (with 'stage 3' or whatever tuning parts he'd paid a fortune for with expert fitment) was noticeably powerless compared to my bog standard MGB engine(same kit car). The crankshaft pulley is a bit bigger than the MGB, but fits either crank (ask me how I know!) but of course needs a slightly longer belt.
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