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Slowly making progress ! The engine work is now complete along with the gearbox conversion. To say the RX8 gearbox fitment was easy is an understatement. The standard Essex clutch hooks right upto the Mazda box, they have the same splines. The spigot bearing in the V6 is the right diameter for the Mazda input shaft. The Mazda bell housing just needs a little trimming to allow the standard Essex starter to fit. The only issue will be the lack of a speedo cable drive, the Mazda box hasn't got one !

The powder coaters are delivering the chassis in the morning and the suspension is largely rebuilt and ready to go back on. Thanks to Gary for a spare set of Scimitar coil overs, a couple of mine were leaking. I've done some research for softer springs to replace the existing ones. Looks like a set of MK1 MX5 will fit straight in and provide a more compliant ride.

Photos to follow ........

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