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I've had a chance to offer up the space frame body support structure onto the Scimitar chassis. It fits pretty well and is located in such a way that you can't really get it in the wrong place ! I've decided to lower the central tunnel section as the RX8 gear lever is quite short and low at the rear of the box. The tunnel is pretty high as standard especially towards the front .

Whilst the frame was resting in place I thought I might as well drop the body over the top to see how it looks. All pretty straight forward and it won't be long before it can be fitted for good !

I'm waiting on a set of tyres to fit on my wire wheels. I found a set of 5 1/2" - 15" wires in the end and I've chosen some skinny 165 / 80 profile tyres.

I'll get some more photos in the week.

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