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Default Corona Virus Thoughts

Mass hysteria over the Corona virus.

It seems to have escaped the medical advisors to the governments around the world what we are dealing with.
The common cold and the flue are corona virus's and we are familiar with the symptoms.
Covid 19 is a corona virus with the same symptoms and all those who have fully recovered from it ( approaching 100,000 people now) have reported a raised temperature, a cough, fatigue and a shortness of breath at its peak.

Whilst the figures for mortality rates appear high between 2 - 4%, those figures were gleaned from the early outbreak in China. China has appalling air quality in the industrial areas and the population doesn't have access to good health care that we enjoy in the West.

There should be some common sense being applied to the response to what appears to be a case of Cold / Flue. The advice to wash our hands is good and so is to self isolate when we are ill. Indeed this is what we already do when we are suffering with a heavy cold or the flue.

The rapid spread of the virus around the world isn't surprising with modern travel. If you were to try and track a cold or flue bug this is exactly what you would expect to see.

The comparisons need to be urgently high lighted at government level. The whole episode is simply out of all proportion to the reality in my opinion.

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