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Default Lights and Horn


I have really enjoyed your build thread. Your car looks amazing, and seeing all the work and tenacity that went into building it was fascinating and, frankly, inspirational.

Now that you are using the Swordfish 'in anger', I would like to offer what I hope will be seen as helpful advice.

As an ex-biker, you probably already drive with dipped headlights on all the time. The Swordfish is absolutely tiny by modern standards and is a dark colour. With so many cars now having daylight running lights, there is a danger of your car being visibly lost and not seen. The highest point of it is probably below the window line of many SUVs. So please consider using dipped headlights all the time.

Also, make sure it has a very loud horn - I seem to remember from your build thread that it does. There was an amusing anecdote on Locostbuilders a while back about a Locost nearly being reversed into by a BMW X5 in a petrol station when the X5 driver decided to use the pump behind him and was not aware the tiny Locost was there. The X5 stopped just in time when the Locost driver sounded his loud horn.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post and I look forward to more tales of the Swordfish 'in the wild' and its continuous development.


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