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Default Driveshaft failure

Originally Posted by limpabit View Post
Donít worry plenty of hurt feet kicking the car. Know how you feel.
Let me know year and model of 400. Iíll compare with 200.
Hi Limpabit, took the new driveshaft back out and stripped it down on the inner end to transfer this onto the old driveshaft, unfortunately the tri-bearings inner cage height is thicker and has a larger spline diameter than the old one. Thought I caught a break there for a minute but alas no...
I did a length comparison test again with the boots removed and found (as per Peterux's thoughts about the right part being supplied), that the new driveshaft when compressed fully, is 20mm shorter than the old one.
620 VS 640mm.
I did a lot of sanding of the old rusty and pitted CV joint and found a number I can't seem to trace. GKN HSP ?08703 088 CS5 EMA7 96 12 19A. I can't make out the ? (it could be a damage mark, A, P or an R).
The barshaft inner which the tri-bearing assembly slides onto and is secured with a circlip, is a 22 spline and approx. 24.2mm OD. Oddly enough, exactly the same as the input into the gearbox.
For reference, the new driveshaft from J&R Part No. Is DS266. I've e-mailed them about the DS178 to find out the difference.
Btw, as per an earlier thread, the donor model was a Rover 416 Tourer 1997.
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