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Default What's happened to the forum?

It's gone so dead, with the lockdown there should have been hundreds of people out there tinkering with cars, the perfect time to start a new project, but no almost nothing.

Was it the loss of all the photos disappearing when Photobucket got greedy and tried to charge crazy prices? It did make it much harder to post pictures. Most photos now seem to be a link that you have to click to see the picture, not very user friendly.

Could the site have some link to upload a picture more easily similar to when you list an item on eBay for sale? If not there must be an easier way to post pictures........JG, pull your finger out!

Also, there has been the internet attacks on the site resulting in the stopping of new members joining, the site needs a ready flow of new blood.

No new build threads for ages, I'm not including the I've got a new kit, hear it is in the garage and a final picture of it painted, look at the wonderful threads from the past, Seanicks, Eric Holm"s and Scotties for example. I'm even missing the pictures of parcels waiting to be posted by Paul L.

I see from my wife's feacesbook account that "builds" are being posted here now. Not so much builds but a few random pictures and words. No information or help for the builder. Seems a bit pointless to me but then again I am a bit of a dinosaur. You certainly can't read a full build easily as you can here.
On these feasesbook pages there seem to be a lot of Tribute Kobras, looking in the Tribute section on the forum there is only one rather thin Kobra build from "Blueface" and that is from 2014. Must be so much more information available now so many have been built.
Mick has just bought a new project so hopefully, that will bring so more posts, I'm about to start fitting some instruments so will start a new topic on the Tribute section.
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