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Default The first cuts

So the ultra thin cutting disks have been put to good use and the GTE is now a pickup.

I was curious to see if there was any stregthening around the rear hatch and Reliant do have a 10mm metal tube enclosed in the fibreglass.
(you can see it in th photo above)
This seems an elegant solution to avoid metal work inside the car and add a significant amount of strength easily.
I wondering if I can do something similar with the supplied metailwork
I have rolled the donor backup under the body and trimmed the side skirts so they are straightish and sqaure

LIke CT says the roll bar is getting the way so that is next for the chop.
However, the door provided are a very tight fit in the body and I was wondering about cutting the body
down the middle of the door aperature to increase the opening slighty and simplify the alignment.
The door trailing edge of the door should be easy enough to extend with bnding paste or this this a no no?
What are your views on this Gary, AH, GWA or CT?
I need to locate the bonnet to keep the garage tidy so i set about cutting the relief for the headlights.
I hope to keep as much as possible of the existing inner wheel arches below

Ever wondered what a G46 with a windscreen might look like?
Well not as striking as the aero screened version Gaz is about to reveil at exeter.

The bonnet still another 6 inches to go before it lines up with the wheel arches,
so I need to figure out how to get the siezed front overridders and indicators off in a saleable condition for ebay

Progress is slow but as long as I get a little done each week I am a happy builder. My plans for this weeks are:
Drain and remove the petrol tank and filler.
Cut away the rear light clusters.
Cut away more of the bonnet and front wings to aline the front wheel arches.
Spend hours on ebay looking for rear lights, steering wheels and guages.
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