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Hi Everybody;

I´d like to say that I also checked some time ago in companies house that Classic Replicas was liquidated and restarted with a different name "classic replicas 09". Everybody can check for themselves this by entering in their website. I was also surprised that there´s (at least) one happy customer who have dealt with this company. However, I do also think he was lucky and that he received a kit which was not perfect, as he says.

One thing to be precise; Classic replicas has an orginal dino in his workshop (or has had), it´s true, but the kits they have been selling are based on the Deon, both bodywork and chassis.

I also would like to find a happy customer who has received a fully built car from this company. I´m afraid there isn´t any.
people must know what´s going on with this guy and what he has done and what he has done must not be forgotten.

What is being said on this website is true. If you check this forum for example, you´ll find more people who had problems with this company, apart from bikidude, inspace and me: dino GT. So at least 4 people have experienced the misfortune of dealing with Mr. Gordon Ainsby who has nothing else to say here since I encouraged him here to tell his side. Nothing happens. I´d also like to see these people reappearing here and telling their story.

By now, there´s enough information for anybody who wants to buy a dino replica from classic replicas about what to expect. I´d only say that it is a horrible situation having paid so many money to someone who does not even answer your phone calls while is liquidating his company. You feel like rubbish.

If Mr. Ainsby goes on like this, someone will probably hit him with a baseball bat in the head someday, because not everybody is so patience... People must know that, if buying a car from CR, you will probably be entering in a non ending road, not knowing what is going to happen next, thinking that you have lost your money, that you were a fool to trust Gordon Ainsby: This is how he works and what he´s been doing.

It might have been different for you notraloom, i´m glad for that, but we weren´t that lucky.