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Question Can anyone id this Jaguar E-Type kit car?

Now here is something interesting - a fiberglass kit car made to resemble a Jaguar E-Type. Is has all Volvo running bits - 240 series bits I believe. The engine and gearbox was missing from this example. The doors and trunk lid were also missing. The frame was rather beefy and a bit crude but the body was done quite nicely. I'd never heard of an E-Type replica. A few web searches show some Jaguar XJ based ones but they look rather nicer than this one probably every was.

The blocky Volvo wheel doesn't really fit ...

A live rear axle!

here is a shot of the beefy chassis

I believe the tires were all spare tires from the Volvo 240 series.

Anyone have any information on it? It looks like to me it was once on the road but got rather neglected.
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