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Originally Posted by mcramsay View Post
Any one ditched the external fuel pump and swirl pot set up, in favour of an oem in tank type plastic swirl pot/ pump combo? I'm looking for one that length wise will fit in the marlin tank. Having big fuel vapour lock issues with the swirlpot being next to the header tank and under bonnet temps of over 60 degrees. Causing the fuel pump to cavitate and scream! Also I hate the noise of the facet LP pump buzzing away.
It might be worth trying to understand why you are getting vapour lock issues with your current set up? If the HP pump is cavitating and screaming it suggests that you may have air trapped in the swirl pot, something it is designed to prevent. Have you checked the connections are the right way round as it would be easy to have them swapped from the swirl pot to the fuel tank. Does your fuel tank get pressurised in hot weather?
Just a few thoughts....

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