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Just as an update, I am assembling all the parts required to make an I tank swirlpot/pump unit. Currently I have bought a range rover v8 pump and swirlpot similar to this eBay link

I have then removed the hanger rods, top flange and original pump.

I have then sourced another pump (Walbro gs340 I think) which will replace the original pump within the Range Rover swirlpot.

Further to that I have ordered 2 flanges from laser master, one flange will be the top plate which will bolt to the top of the tank with welded on pipe fittings which will connect the feed and return lines, secondly the swirl pot will hang from this top plate and rest on the bottom of the tank.

The second flange will have a notch cut out & 6mm studs welded on so it can sit in the tank under the top flange so everything can be bolted up. I am not a big fan of using riv nuts to hold in the fuel pump assembly.

Once the parts arrive I will post up some pics and measurements for any one that is interested!
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