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Nice looking project, JG.

A fair bit of work still to do to get it finished but what's there looks to be pretty well made. Biggest pain would be finishing it to the standard required for IVA - padded steering wheel, round edge instrument bezels, etc., etc.

Registration will also be a bit of a faff as it's on a 'new' chassis. To avoid the dreaded 'Q' plate I believe you can apply for a plate related to the age of the engine, so I'd be looking to fit a very early sixties XK 6 cylinder engine to get a 3x3 registration.

The price looks realistic to me. A competent home builder should be able to finish it to a good standard for another 6 to 8K and the finished article would easily fetch 30k+ and possibly a lot more to the right buyer.

Shallow pockets and a garage already full of projects prohibits me from taking the plunge or I'd be seriously tempted.
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