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I think I'm running a rideheight of 120mm all round - due to the placement of the on-board suspension pickups I can't get much more height out of it without locking out on the arms (well - dampers, but I set the damper length to avoid locking on the arms!). If I move to your wheel size this will lower the car to 100mm all round which I fear will cause problems on the potholes.

There is a difference in the bodywork left to right - but not a huge amount I can do about it, it's just in the nature of the finish (deviations are small ~10mm or so, but enough to make a difference).

Not quite sure I follow about the rear being slightly offset: do you mean if you measured from the centerline of the chassis (parallel with the direction of travel of the car) that one wheel would be further away than the other?

Also - when you have your camber set up properly, do the tops of the wheels protrude from the arches? If not you may be running more offset than me.

PS. Thank you for the offer of trying out the wheels, but I fear it would lower the car too much...also, Grant unfortunately didn't have a larger chargecooler to hand - and it probably needs something custom to fit.

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