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Default Which Steering Rack.

When I ordered my kit many years ago I specified a 'quick rack' but now I am wondering if that along with the small steering wheel is making it a little twitchy for general road use so want to change it.

Does anyone know which rack I would need to replace it with ?

And maybe replacing it / refitting will fix a couple of other problems I have been ignoring.

1. when I am on full lock (e.g. maneuvering) the suspension rubs on the inside of the wheel on the passenger side but gets no where close on the drivers side which does not appear to turn anywhere near as tightly.

2. I notice when I am driving on a straight road the steering wheel sometimes sits at 12 o'clock the next time 10 past 12, then without any adjustment the next time I take it out it will be back at 12 o'clock. Everything seems tight.

Any advice gratefully received

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