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Sorry about my slow response to all your comments but they are appreciated and also help to make my 5 year build journey worthwhile. Thanks for that.

Paul the lip is to hide a lump I cut out of the bonnet, to allow it to clear the bottom of the radiator.

I think you are also right it is a cordite bonnet. I bought it from Andy at Ribble. I cut an opening in the top of the original bonnet to form a panel for engine access. The main bonnet area was going to fix solid but I decided the access to the engine and the ancillaries was going to be awkward.

The main reason I wanted a fixed bonnet was so I could bond it into the body. Lining up the bonnet was very time consuming, frustrating and definitely gave me some sleepless nights.

I think I bought the last set of seatbelts that someone on the forum recommended. I'm very pleased with them and the price was the bargain of the build.

Thanks David, I have fitted three different sets of springs to the rear Avo coilovers. I'm now running with 125lbs. Not sure what the front Avo spring rate is. I will take one off and check.

This is the good thing about a build forum, you can run out of ideas but there is always someone to get you thinking positive again.

I live close to Wharfedale who bought an unfinished Sammio project which you may have seen on the forum. It's now a very nice car. I was having problems with my wire wheels coming loose and he sorted them out with the aid of a large rubber mallet.

Paul keep up your good work.

Regards to all.
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