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4 deg 40 sounds very low! I read somewhere that a good range for kits tends to be around the 7-9 deg mark. When I'd measured my castor previously, I used the camber change over a +20/-20 wheel steering angle method. Not sure how accurate that is, but I got 6.3 degrees.

Just been checking my measurements more accurately - I've probably moved the upper joint back about 17mm, which by calculation between the ball joint centres (which I measure as 240mm) should be about 4.8 degrees gain, i.e about 11 degrees total. This seems a lot! I've tried taking a vertically aligned photo looking down directly on the centreline of the lower joint, then measured off the photo the setback. I get about 51mm which would be nearly 12 degrees so fairly consistent. How much is too much? I know it feels good to drive... I'll try to stick an angle gauge on the brake caliper tomorrow to see if I can get a direct measurement.
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