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Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
On the theme of a re-body. What exactly does the V5 show after a re-body?
Does it loose the original vehicle's identity completely?
Or is there still reference to the fact that it once was a Spartan, Triumph or whatever?

Cheers, Robin
Hi Robin
In my time I have had 3 rebodied cars, each one of them had make and model details changed according to a different approach.

As far as I can gather at the moment they seem to be retaining the make as the manufacturer of the donor car such as Triumph, BMW etc and changing the model to reflect the rebody.

God only knows what they will do if you submit a rebody on a kit car such as a Spartan, although Lucky@Lemans on this forum appears to have had his rebodied All Aluminium 1957 250 Testarossa, which was built on a correctly registered Locost 7 chassis, given the make of the body manufacturer and the model of the 250 TR it replicated.

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