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I haven't had to do much serious fabrication - apart from the odd bit here and there: having access to a lathe/milling machine is very useful. I originally built the car with a VAG engine from a Seat Leon (normally aspirated), so the only new fabrication required this time was the boost pipes/chargecooler/intercooler rad/mounting etc (engine mounts all identical).

The reason I rebuilt was because the powder coat was starting to fail (nice excuse to put a bigger engine in while you're at it!). I had mine hot zinc sprayed and then re-coated so hopefully it will last a lot longer this time. Marlin should have the jigs for the VAG engine mounts so hopefully they can weld some up for you which would make life easier. I'm not sure if you would also have to weld tabs onto the chassis itself...

In terms of lessons learned I think they are all very individual to the build, as all the builds are different! I would say it's worth getting the cooling system routing sorted out - my first iteration kept air locking as the heater matrix was the highest point and it wasn't possible to put a sensible bleed point in without serious effort. Caused all sorts of worries as it would occasionally overheat! All in all it's a great project - but it's taken about a year and a half to get up and running again (it's quite a big job...). Happy to give more advice if/when you need it.
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