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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Not sure about the late plastic trip reset cable, but the early ones that have a knurled metal knob need to be pushed in about 1/8" and turned clockwise while being pushed in. The number barrels will all then roll round, the numbers will line up and scroll through from high to low -- 9999 8888 7777 etc. - and you stop turning when it reads 0000.

As for you dash lights, they're all fed from solid red coloured wires and are supposed to come on with the second stage pull of the main light switch. Sounds like you have hours of fun with a test meter looming (pun intended)...
thanks Mr T.
Winner Mr T, push in but turn anti clockwise. Clockwise just kept going up and up by ones! i was wary of breaking this old clock, as a replacement is nearly as expensive as the entire herald was to buy

Dash lights do come on with the second d├ętente. I thought that would be high beam and the first pull low beam? no? is there no high beam, or do we just live with a dark dash until there are no oncoming cars? (it is lucas electric so i would anticipate that...)

I'm getting a compliance engineer out next week to look at the car in prep for bonding the body on. Exciting!

thanks again all.
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