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Aah, just re-read your thread and you have a Herald loom. That's why you don't have any wiring for a reversing light as your gearbox doesn't have a switch in it. I'd also forgotten you're in 'Stralia so didn't realise your lighting regos would be different...

I'd just run a feed from a brake light wire (always live) to a lamp and on to a dash switch that completes the circuit to earth. You're not going to have the reverse light and brakes on for long enough to overload the fuse or wiring at any stage, so it should be fine.

If it's got to come on automatically when you select reverse I think the simplest(!) way that's going to be reliable might be to swap out your Herald gearbox for a Spitfire one with the reverse switch built in.

Assuming you have a Herald engine, a Mk1 to 3 Spitfire gearbox will bolt straight on while a Mk4 or 1500 gearbox will need a 1500 flywheel and clutch assembly bolting onto the crank with adaptor sleeves (available from Canley Classics).

I happen to be selling a 1500 overdrive gearbox on ebay at the moment if you're interested, but you'll need to come here to collect it, which could take a while...

Good luck, and I guess, goodnight.
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