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ha ha yeah thanks Mr T i will pop over this arvo if UK will let me land...
actually i could just get the top plate of the 1-3 spit gearbox which would be ok. (if OK is paying 80pound for postage)
anyway, ive got the landrover defender lights, but the connectors are wrong, slightly loose in the lucas connections. so i've got some bullets and got to soldering. link to youtube: (tim hocking)

Now i will try to buy some female sockets for the landrover lights to earth them.

All the lights work, by the way, the stalk doesnt "dip" - perhaps a herald 948 coupe quirk. top is off, mid is high low is low.

engineer comes on wednesday - i'll let you know what happens.

good luck Dan Ricciardo in the F1 today!


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