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Default Electrical bizzarity

Originally Posted by 1iTim View Post

good luck Dan Ricciardo in the F1 today!
... not wishing him luck anymore. my luck sucks.

Anyway, I found the cause of my random sparks.

I've seen the bodywork thread but have not seen an electrical one so will post here.

In the front loom right down the bottom past the oil and brake sensor exits and before the horn exit, there are 2 thick brown wires, and a thick brown/black, poking out of some horrible melted loom 'protection' so this was likely originally on the bottom, or near the radiator, or both. these wires are live even when ignition is off, and at least one seems to go back to the voltage regulator or the ignition solenoid (same colour). Anyone have any idea what these may have originally been for? they're not long enough to go to the dynamo, and they have 1/4 inch bare twisted wire at the ends and one is bent to point back, and the other ends off forward, with the similar length out of the loom, so not just cut off. The car runs fine with them not joined onto anything (brake lights, oil pressure light etc work fine), and they are too thick to be sensor wires (i am still looking for the temperature sender wire...) and being always on they cant be lights (lights kind work - waiting on more globes and lucas bullet connectors in the mail so i can put earths to the lights, but jury rigged they were fine)

any ideas? (1960 herald 948 coupe)
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