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Default engineer visit #1

excellent result from my engineer visit.

no need for reverse light due to age.
Doors OK due to age.
car is looking good as it is
body to be glued on with just about anything. epoxy or his suggestion of a polyurethane foam.
add 2x rear reflectors
OK to source replacement seats
front blinkers need visibility from 45 degrees to the side, so my defender lights may not be ok. for 'parkers' at the front he suggested getting the bulbs that have the parker in - ive not seen them but will look now.
he said to check for brake return valves with a change from fr drum to disk - ive not heard of that either?
also to consider dual curcuit brake system. is that a triumph thing? i'll look.
research the original registration.

anyway all good, now to sort plumbing for radiator reposition and think about bonding on the body without wonkying the whole thing up!

bye all!
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