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so id need to find a donor car for engine, gear box, drive shaft etc..

well i wanna try and keep costs to a minimum, do u think i cud get a kit and an engine for £6000 or am i being a little optimistic, i dont reli want to build sumthing "all out" as it were if its only my first build, but at the same time i dont want to build something too uninteresting to drive... if i get insured...... lol (im hard to please, haha) maybe something more easy with a smaller engine, say 1600 - 2000cc. any ideas on what might be a good one to start on??

as for insurance, i dont reli think ther'd be any chance of an 18 yearold gettin insured would ther??, especially if its a kit car? lol

thanx for the help!!

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