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Default Stack Dash Group Buy

Hello Everyone. I am a member of the saxo sports club, and i am trying to organise a group buy for the Stack ST8130 dash but finding it difficult for saxo/106 owners to stump up the cash and thought a few nice kit car owners might be interested. details below:

Ok guys.

Just seeing what interest there would be on these.

I have spoken to Demon Tweeks and they have said 5 orders would get us a good deal.

They said 5 orders they could do the ST8130 for 662+vat which would be £778 all in.

This is 75 quid off their normal price and this would include all sensors and loom (inc speed sensor).

For those that dont know have a look at :

These things are fantastic, and at sub 800 quid i reckon its a great price.

As long as everyone wants the ST8130 model (not variants on it, ie ST8130P etc) then we can get the discount, regardless of what backing colour, or rev range we are after.

Check out:

for options on rev ranges etc.

Serious interest only please, cant be arsed with a load of people saying you can get other makes cheaper, or anything lol.

Probably looking to order end of June time?

And a pic of the bad boy:

I reckon i will go for this exact one actually, gives scope for higher revving engine, and comes in white lol.


1: Matt Barnes 0-3-10.5k white
2: Steve: 0-3-10.5k white

ps: could anyone with access to post it up on there too, and i will put it up on

any other forums welcome lol
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