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After a frustrating amount of time spent trying to get the temperature gauge working, I have reached the conclusion that it is the gauge itself which is faulty. Since I didn't really fancy taking the scuttle off again, I have added in an electronic temp gauge, which is slightly out of keeping with the car but has the advantage that it works!

Had a idle test with the header tank cap off this afternoon, temperature reached 60 and then the fan kicked in and the temp stayed about the same. I have replaced the standard coolant with waterless coolant which I am hoping will also help.

There was a small leak where the wire probe for the fan goes into a hose join but other than that it seemed ok. Aiming to re-build the front end tomorrow and take it for a 'proper' test.

If that goes well I am hoping the weather will be good enough for me to drive it up to Stoneleigh on Sunday

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