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Default Cosmetic issue then!


Tough luck.

I recall I had the same issue with the rear fog, as I did not have a window screen fitted its was a simple core swap in the loom at the back of the speedo that solved it for me.

The stamped VIN was also one of my problems. I stamped the VIN on the wiper motor mounting plate, not too much of an issue. I also had two extra numbers on the original Marlin welded on plate, they added a date marker at the end making it 19 instead of 17. I ordered a new plate but could have -lined- through the un-required two numbers.

If you don't want to risk breaking the jell coat put some edging strip on, either 6mm irrigation pipe split up its length and 'evo stuck'ed' on or some commercial edging strip.

I find it hard to believe a set of std 15" Rover wheels show outside the arches. If your short of wheels let me know.

For the turning circle there are some plastic stops on the inside at the ends of the rack that can be removed to improve that.

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