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Hi Martin

Glad Richard was able to give you some good sound advice, Rich and me have had many a chat in the past regarding various alterations we have made.

I no longer have my Marlin, I sold it several years ago, and to be honest sometimes wonder why I did as when the suspension is set right, or at least as best you can get it, its a great fun car.

I like Rich had a 1600, then updated the engine to the 1800VVC which is a good mod which Rich did later, but don't need to rush into it. Don't know what engine you have, but the 16 is a great fun very free revving which you can normally bury the throttle and think wow that's what its about.

Rich I know has done lots of good work on the suspension, so I am sure with some work will work for you so you can enjoy the car too.

I do have a kit car, as after selling the Marlin did miss the fun factor, I have a Shelsley T2.

By the way height wise, compared to Rich I am a shorty at 6 Foot 2, great car for the taller man, equally my wife at 5 foot enjoyed driving it.

Good luck Steve
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