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There are ways to shoehorn a straight six into pretty much anything that's already running a Triumph 4 pot:

Swap the front suspension turrets side to side - that moves the engine mounts back about six inches.

Fit a Spitfire/herald front engine plate to the motor instead of the straight six version - that gives you engine mounts just behind the front pulley (they're on the side of the block on a straight 6) moving the engine back about six inches.

If using standard engine mounts, raise the rear gearbox mount an inch - that will lower the very front of the engine by about 15mm through the 'see-saw' effect if you really need the last fag-paper of clearance under the bonnet (Phil J did this with his green Sammio Spyder).

Remove the top generator mount, rotate the generator around the lower mount (making it the top mount) and fabricate a new lower mount to keep the generator in place - that allows a tighter bonnet line over the distributor side of the engine.

All of the above will have knock-on effects like exhaust manifold and pipes clearance, gear lever location, possible bulkhead or chassis fouling, etc., so it's just a question of trial and error. In fact, I'm currently putting a Spitfire 4 pot under the front hood of a Porsche 356 replica (yes, really), and to get it to fit I have moved the engine back 90mm by fabricating new engine mounts and fitting an overdrive prophsaft to a non overdrive gearbox.

Or you could just modify the bonnet with scoops and bulges to get it to wrap around the engine and ancillaries.

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