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Sound advice, and if both sets of adaptors were steel I'd definitely weld them together and have them balanced, but one set is steel and the other aluminium.

To make sure everything will be safe I've fitted Land Rover Freelander studs to the hubs, which, being much heavier duty than the spindly Triumph ones will easily take the additional strain.

Additionally, the Limebug adaptors are very thin at just 8mm, so there's very little extra 'leverage' to cause problems.

As for having two sets of nuts and bolts to connect the rim to the hub, from an engineering perspective that's really no different to fitting split-rim wheels, which are bolted together with much lighter duty fasteners than I'm using.

All the bolts, locknuts and studs are new and will be assembled with a drop of loctite, so I'm confident that nothing will break or rattle loose. The inner adaptors are also wide enough to ensure that the Limebug ones don't foul the brake calipers like they would on a Bug axle.

The wheel bearings will obviously be taking more strain, but that will be a fair bit less than on my Sammio as the engine is a third lighter and the wheels aren't pushed out as far from the hubs as the MGB wires were with splined adaptors fitted, and I never had a problem with bearing failure on that.

Overall, I'd say that there's less risk running these adaptors than there would be from using second-hand splined wires. After all, if the splines fail you completely lose all braking on that wheel, while it's not unknown for the spokes to collapse during 'spirited' cornering which is likely to cause the car to flip.

And finally, the wide fives just look so cool I don't want to fit anything else...
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