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Originally Posted by andysharrock View Post
says in the boot on the listing as that is how it is on the OG car. in the uk now would this pass a mot doesn't the tank need to vent to the outside not in the boot
OOER - I hadn't noticed that, naughty indeed and not recommended for obvious reasons. I won't be buying one anyway (sorry is this comment upsets anyone) because IMHO it just looks like an MGB gone wrong. Have to say the quality of the DNA mouldings looked excellent, though these cars may or may not be.
Dislike the moulding off another's product (if that's what's happened) although some could say the copying in the first place is wrong. Murky waters indeed.
IMHO copying an F of this vintage wasn't as serious as copying the more recent (and in some cases in production?) product, the latter which it would seem didn't raise a concern.
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