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It's always been misuse of trade dress I.e. badging as far as I'm aware. Some names also copyright of F. I found a website once which shows all copyrights held. Jumping of F as starting point was like going down rabbit hole. Current and recent body shapes were on there as well. And the name Scaglietti. No vintage cars however. They have loads of copyrights.

Nubodi - used trade dress in commercial adverts (and biggest wing shields known to man) - jumped on. DNA - used trade dress in commercial adverts and prominently displayed at classic car shows - jumped on. GB used trade dress - jumped on (alledged).

Mirage GT - far more accurate SWB evocation than Tribute - never strayed into trade dress infringement - trading happily.

Have to remember you're dabbling in blue chip investment territory which is probably why, I'm surmising, activity is focused here rather than the MR2 based modern style offerings. It's like the family silver... which is why I had my car debadged pronto after buying.

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