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Aah, thanks Paul, that's a better picture of the head fairing so you can see what I mean about the 'horns' at the sides. You can also clearly see how far back the cover sits to allow space for the driver and passenger.

I didn't twig that it was a replica when it was on screen, but it doesn't get much (enough) screen time or any close-ups as I recall.

Up close and static it gives itself away in a few seconds, though - it doesn't have a rear engine cover, just a flat grille from a coupe set directly into the back which is a one-piece moulding -

Also, those steel(?) wheels with spinners look just like Rudge alloys (an original option on the 356, see below) from a distance, but the four-bolt pattern shouts 'kit car' to anyone who knows their 356's as soon as you see it.

Images sourced here -

Having said all that, I wouldn't turn it down if the studio rang and offered it to me as a gift...

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