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Thanks Car Photographer, progress is indeed rumbling along slowly.

What I've been doing for the last week or so isn't very photogenic, I'm afraid, hence no pictorial updates for a while.

I currently have the body off the chassis and I'm reinforcing areas of the shell that are too thin or where different mouldings need permanently joining.

These include the rear 'seat'/luggage area which is only a couple of thin layers of CSM making it flexible and fragile, and the sills under the doors which are a two part moulding that I'd bonded together but needed another 10mm of CSM & core-mat to keep the door openings rigid and raise the body up a fraction on the sub-frame.

While the body's off and upside down I'm also fabricating the mechanism for the fuel filler flap and spillage tray under the rear deck.

Should get some pictures of visible progress by the weekend.
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