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Default Lumpys Kobra Build project.

Hello Everyone,

As some may know I have been lurking about on here, with a huge interest in the Kobra project. Hoarding information and ideas gained from all of your hard work.
I have had all manner of vehicles, from kit cars to monster trucks and before I stumbled on this thread, I was thinking about buying an Aston Martin DB7.
As with most indulgent purchases, I know that with ownership of something exotic or just plain different, always comes a price, be it servicing costs or some minor form of unreliability.
I cannot explain just how ingenious this idea is, something reliable, head turning and exciting to look at.

I personally do not however, have the time, space or inclination to build something like this, for as much as I love "tinkering" I know first hand that space and tools for the job are nearly as important as the skills to do it.

So after travelling to Stoneleigh to have a look at the kit and meeting Richard from Newbodi, I was so impressed with the quality of his work, making fibreglass look as good as his car did in the short amount of time given seemed near on impossible.
The next bonus was that he lived and worked about fifteen miles from where I live.
With permission from the Female chief of staff, a new relationship has begun and I am now in the process of working with Richard to create something very special.

So with no more waffle, here is a little start to the car "porn" with a picture of a sweet bottom.
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